Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful…

and so is the driving. We’re under some kind of severe weather watch with a blizzard hitting and subzero temperatures. I know I said that I missed winter, but this was an extreme welcome back to Toronto. I’m definitely happy, though. It wouldn’t be Christmas without all this.

I’m jetlagged so I’ve been taking it easy since I got back. I haven’t even really unpacked my big suitcase. The main problem is that I have hereditary packratitis and have no space in my messy room to put anything. Purge time tomorrow.

Easy has included visitng my maternal grandfather in his nursing home and shopping for our Christmas tree. Is it still wasteful if your family really enjoys your yearly real tree? I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready to switch to plastic. God bless the tree farms.

And bless my mother she took me to the gym on my first morning at home so I could get those juices flowing again. The burn…it felt so good!

I napped for several hours this afternoon but still feel very sleepy so I’m off to bed. Will catch up with y’all very soon.

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  1. Yusof bin Ishak Says:

    Welcome back! I look forward to hearing some more great stories…

  2. andrea Says:

    oh snowy toronto… part of me is really upset i’m not going home this year… but glad you had a safe trip back. man, i miss you! must talk soon :)

  3. red wings Says:

    i don’t think i will ever miss the winter once i move to honolulu.

  4. ras al gino Says:

    I want to know what Toronto is like in its true form.

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