Dead Week or Why the Gyms are Rammed in Early January

So, I’m still a student on vacation and all; but ’tis dead week at the office of Bamboo Star Productions. Sorry.

There are tales to tell, but that would mean that I’d have to put down the good eats for long enough to tell you about how damn delicious it all tastes. And you don’t want me to miss my hours at the gym undoing that damage either, right?

I’m not kidding about the food. Oh the glorious food! As usual, we had FORTY people fill our house and wolf down our famous buffet. This year we even had a full roast pig a la Chinese banquet. Sushi, lasagna, smoked salmon, duck, turkey, yams, sticky rice, mesclun salad with vidalia onion dressing, kai lan with oyster sauce, roast beef, my dad’s famous spareribs and beef, aspic (better than the one in that episode of SatC in the Russian Restaurant, I guarantee it!), Chinese Buddhist mock meat on a platter and more and more and more.

I finally got my turkey congee.

And I made heaps of cookies with my sous chef, Dave. BISCOTTI. MADE. WITH. MY. BARE. HANDS. And 5 other varieties of delectable all-butter biscuits. Nummy in our guests’ tummies!

Anyway. I’ll be back in full force soon. With pictures of Northern Vietnam! And Hong Kong! And Christmas in Toronto! And le jour de l’an a Montreal! And early 2006 in Boston! YEAH BABY!

I am going to see Brokeback Mountain today with my man, his preggo sis and her hubby at the former home of the Habs. Free popcorn day at AMC, yo. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: I am one lucky biatch. :D HAPPY HOLIDAYS, LOVELIES!

4 Responses:

  1. momolo Says:

    you know, i really love the multicultural food fests that chinese people seem to have.
    mmm, rice and mashed potatoes. chinese bbq pork and american bbq ribs.

  2. el gino Says:

    is it selfish of me to not want to provide all this food for the other side of the family at xmas time? i kinda want them to be like starving ethiopians in the 80s, who i could sing a song about at xmas time and then feel good about myself.

  3. Adrienne Says:

    I love how you Midwestern Chinese Americans are the only peeps to comment on this post. You guys are awesome.
    Considering your description of that side of the fam, I can see why you don’t want to feed them, Gino; but wanting them to starve is a bit extreme, no?

  4. reesie Says:

    omg, you are in inman? totally awesome. when are you heading back to la canadia? hehehe… thanks for the compliment, but it’s still hard to find people who are willing to meet someone new. know what i mean? i think, depending on where we go, i may do the small biz thing. i’m still really interested in it, so i want to know if it’s something i can handle, but am really scared to just go out on a limb. and… well… one of the prospects is out of the country, so i wouldn’t be able to do a small biz there since i wouldn’t have a working permit! i guess i could try the whole icky baby thing, but i’m not sure i want to yet. more children-free years for me. if you’re not terribly freaked out by me and have some time, we could meet for coffee or something this weekend… email me…..