Hong Kong purchases so far:
4 bags
4 necklaces
1 ring
1 picture frame
1 acrylic divided box
1 Stella perfume Christmas set (Yeah, baby. New scent! Ms. McCartney, I’ve got issues with you, but your perfume is divine.)
2 sweaters
1 down vest
1 iPod mini case
…and more from independent jewellers, street stalls, Giordano, LeSportsac, MUJI, Lane Crawford and Shanghai Tang.

Ogling more at old favourites like G.O.D. (Goods of Desire, yo.)

Eeeep! Screaming toddler in the background. Cutest toddler ever needs attention. Or sugar. I just heard my little cousin whine, “Mui mui yiu tong tong.” (Little sister wants candy.) This wee one is feisty. And I came over to play with her and her siblings so I should get off the comp, no?

Just couldn’t resist listing my loot after my fave retail superstar requested an update. :D I love me some comments!

Off to Macau tomorrow with my 76 year old grand aunt…and a tour group. Tell me about it. My sweet relatives trying to take care of me. I don’t really mind, I guess. There’s no point in arguing with well-meaning elders.

After Macau, it’s dins with my mother’s sisters and their partners. Fun. Did I mention that I love Hong Kong for more than just shopping? ;)

3 Responses:

  1. gino888 Says:

    Yeah, well. I studied there for a year specifically to study anti-Asian racism, and while I can’t label the whole country as racist per se, there’s an awful lot of smallmindedness. That’s just a function of spreading 17 million people around the perimeter of a country the size of North America and institutionalized supremacy and discrimination.

  2. gino888 Says:

    I love Shanghai Tang btw. Are the prices there much better than they are here? Oh well. In the next year I shall go to Asia and spend as you have. Outrageously.

  3. gino888 Says:

    Dude. I just heard about this Winterlicious event. I’m so there.