Sony, Spawn of Satan

As if the rootkit fiasco weren’t enough, Sony has infiltrated the minds of foolish French politicians. Evil, evil, evil.

From this NY Times article on the riots in French suburbs:

“We see among the rioters kids of 13 to 15, who are swept along, who are encouraged to take all the risks, and the others, the ringleaders, who are used to creating trouble - they terrorize everyone, and don’t want to stop,” said Franck Cannarozzo, a deputy mayor of Aulnay. “Rather than playing on their Playstations, they attack the police.”

They are poor and marginalized. Does this guy honestly think that these kids have Playstations?! Or maybe he thinks that they stole some Playstations from upstanding French citizens in the city. And I thought that stealing was wrong. *shrug* And people wonder why these lost youths feel neglected and misunderstood. God help us all.

Frankly, I’m surprised M. Cannarozzo didn’t bring up that other youthful addiction World of Warcraft. I mean, heck, WoW cheaters love them some Sony DRM.


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  1. 888onig Says:

    Quel fuckhead.

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