Silver Linings?

I was all prepped to write something positive. You know, point to things like the Sony Bravia commercial that makes me smile and open my heart just a smidgen to Satan’s spawn.

I was going to gush about my hilarious parents who called me this morning and had me bust my guts laughing. Even though we had to talk about dark things like the passing of an old family friend this morning (bless her heart), we were able to turn back to the positive things in life.

I was going to get all ooey gooey on you and tell you about how my man makes my heart go “Owie.” in that good way. Or how he makes me smile till my cheeks hurt.

I was going to tell y’all about my girlfriends and their extreme awesomeness.

I was going to blab on about all that delightful stuff till you got sick because its all been helping me deal with the anniversaries of special people’s passings have been on my mind. Despite all the attendant deep, dark reflection, I’ve been able to remember that there’s still goodness in this world.

No better reminder than the amazing new lives recently brought into this world by people I adore. Cute little newborn girls! Two of them! What could get warmer or fuzzier than babies?

So I’ve been counting my blessings. I’ve made lemonade out of lemons.

But then, I found a microscopic ant roaming around on my covers! An ant. Crawling. In. My. Bed. Well, more like ON it since it was on the top sheet, but still!

Then I went back to my desk to throw myself back into the hell that is essay-writing and BAM! There was a BIG FAT BLACK FLYING ANT on my travel pillow that I use for support. Many squeals and “Ew! Ick! Iiiiiiiiiick!”-ing, I set him free outside to join his other creepy crawly friends.

So much for writing about good things. These disgusting creatures? They make me tired of this tropical place. I am so fed up of almost-daily sightings of super roaches, big bats, rats, ant colonies, geckos/lizards/salamanders/whatever-the-hell-they-are and countless other minging monstrosities.

Take me back to the land of squirrels, raccoons, skunks, bunnies and deer. I promise not to scream at the sight of a small spider. I will even try not to breakdown when I see a scary house centipede.

Just one more month of this madness. I know that I will miss this place so very much when I return to a cold snowey Canada; but at this very moment when the tiny hairs on the back of my (stick, sweaty) neck are standing tall, I say, “To hell with it. I wanna go home!”

3 Responses:

  1. yxpp2987 Says:

    So, yeah, although the Gilmore Girls has kinda hit a new low. I think it’s no longer interesting to me. I think I’d rather watch TVO or WTN or Ed the Sock on CityTV. None of which are online, per se. I mean, little snippets nothwithstanding. Canadian TV is so much more interesting to me.

  2. red wings Says:

    I loved your comment about melissa and her overwhelming genius.

    I started laughing that my coworkers started looking over.

    Oh wonderful.

    You know ants and all that stuff doesn’t normally bother me, but dear god on your bed??????

    I think I would have flipped out and sprayed raid EVERYWHERE at that point….

  3. Coop Says:

    at least it wasn’t a cockroach on your bed. Blaagghhh.