Festive Fun!

Wrong Holiday, Right Colours
(Wrong Holiday, Right Colours.)

Once again, I am at my computer sipping an overly-caffeinated beverage and getting frustrated and distracted! Fun! Since it’s Easter, I’m actually a little bit less distracted than usual. There’s certainly more face-to-face distraction with all the holiday events, but knowing that I have to hit mass with my mother and dinner with the extended family kind cramps my procrastination style. 😀

I haven’t read all of the Pope’s Easter Urbi et Orbi but I’m fascinated by this year’s political messages. I suppose they are not anything out of the ordinary, but I feel like it’s a good time to prop up the peace cause. I may often deeply disagree with the Vatican, but from what I’ve gathered in the news snippets, this year’s Easter message from the Catholic Church is one that most people can appreciate.

Of course, I think that at least in the wealthy Western world, when covering or discussing this papal address, people will latch on to the call for nuclear diplomacy and point fingers at Iran before turning to talk on Israeli-Palestinian affairs. Sorry, Darfur, not even the faithful are listening to your cries.

And well, apparently Shakira is going to root for Latin America with a Live Aid-style event because no one else will.

I don’t want to repeat yesterday’s (this morning’s?) 5 a.m. bedtime so I’m going to get moving on the work.

Wishing all those who celebrate Easter a happy holiday. While I’m at it, I’m sending early cheers to the Orthodox Christian folk and a belated happy Pesach to my Jewish friends. No matter your faith, I hope that you get to spend some time with loved ones. Spreading the love is definitely a great way to work towards world peace! 😀

Spreading the love over a good holiday meal? That’s just gravy. Happy munchin’!

ETA: What are you folks doing today? If you’ve been celebrating, what have you been eating? Being the kooky cosmopolitan Chinese Canadians we are, my family has munched on everything from sweet kosher macaroons to spiced Jamaican Easter buns (we’ve finished the hot cross buns already.) Last night’s dinner out was straight-up traditional Cantonese. Tonight’s dinner is going to be random “Canadian.” The hosts are making a turkey and we’re bringing the prime rib aka roast beast.

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  1. gino888 Says:

    Just what is a Canadian meal? Is it one eaten at Golden Regency at Taigu Gwongcheung? Now, mind you, this is coming from someone who learned about butter tarts only a few years ago. And I remember only the tourtiere very dimly . . . I have better memories of the numbers of Tintin items to be found in the shops of QC.

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