Ante Meridiem

I haven’t been very efficient. It doesn’t help that there was a power outage in my neighbourhood this evening after I came home from the library. I’m not exactly into reading and writing by candlelight.

I can’t blame the blackout for my failure to meet my productivity goals. I’m always sabotaging myself. It’s late. I’m losing focus. Did I ever have any focus?

I need to return to a regular yoga practice or something. I totally failed at the crazy Art of Living breathing exercises and meditation that Andrea and I tried out together on the urging of our yoga instructor, Shan. Frankly, I was only a wee bit wary of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar‘s spiritual movement (not to be confused with plain ol’ Ravi Shankar) in the beginning. I didn’t really resent having to pay to learn the sudarshan kriya but I didn’t like how followers stay so true to their name. It’s a whole freakin’ lifestyle. I mean, it’s kind of like Scientology only less creepy and more charitable. Seriously, the Art of Living course isn’t like a regular technical class like those offered at my favourite yoga centres (Sivananda Vedanta). At least at the Toronto Sivananda Centre no one tries to indoctrinate you. Heck, I’d eat meat after a yoga class possibly even at the pizza shop down the street.

Seriously, what’s up with guru Shankar trademarking the sudarshan kriya? I like my pranayama without legal complications. I get enough law outside of yoga practice.

There has got to be a better way to learn how to clear my mind. Why do I think that I need to know how to clear my mind in order to properly fill it? I guess I just feel like there is too much noise distracting me from being able to focus. It’s not really procrastination that gets me. It’s distraction. I do want to finish this stuff. I do have these intellectual problems on my brain and I want to work through them; but there are so many other things I want to work through. Or, um, play through. 😉

I just want to muffle all that noise. That blasted noise.

I’ll let you know when I find a good solution. Maybe it will work for you too! For now, I’ve been trading in the noise with some smooth sounds. If you are looking for some tunes to soothe the soul, check out my current workalong faves: Imogen Heap of Frou Frou fame and the lovely Corinne Bailey Rae. Tasty British women. I guess I’m returning to my Britpop roots. This is the new pop from Britain. So not the same as my beloved old school Britpop, but this ain’t the 1990s.

Speaking of Britpop, I was (and still am) an Oasis girl; but little Damon Albarn has got me hooked with his cartoon supergroup. ‘Dare’ is pure genius. And who doesn’t love the reincarnation of Del tha Funkee Homosapien as a cuddly ghost? C’mon, it’s so hilarious. It’s almost as good as cousin Ice-Cube as the Black Pacifier. Po-mo fun. Hahaha. So post, it’s present.

Presently, I am fried. Many hours lost today, but I am not going to lose sleep over that! Wish me luck because I, the professional sleeper, have been having problems falling asleep. Stupid stress.

3 Responses:

  1. red wings Says:

    i love DAMON!!!! he’s so dreamy!!!!

    people were screaming his name at the gorillaz concert and he even showed his face to the crowd and people almost lost it – well lost it as far as hipsters can lose it.

    But good luck! I need to bust out my yoga stuff too. But sometimes, i give up on new age spirituality to burn off some steam old skool style on the punching bag at the gym. hahaha.

  2. tim Says:

    I really enjoy pilates because I feel that I get most of the benefits of yoga without the religious aspect. And it’s more tunable to my particular needs while yoga isn’t as much.

  3. Adrienne Says:

    I need to do yoga for flexibility and core training more than anything else. I’m insanely stiff. It’s awful. I’m sort of into yoga-lite, I like the physical benefits and enjoy learning how to challenge my mind in new ways, but I’m not about joining a spiritual revolution. Anyway, I get “spiritual” benefit from all kinds of exercise. Like red wings Akio, I’m all about letting off the steam.

    Lately, I’ve been all about cardio and strength, but I really do need to do more stretching. Maybe a little more pilates would do me good too.