Springing Forward

Onward and upward, people. Spring has sprung and the geese are getting fat. Wait, those rhymes don’t belong together. Whatevs! Let me have this joy. It’s spring.

Girls’ night was heaps of fun. The original plans collapsed, but the end result was predictably fabulous. One boy even became three! There were only two men present at a time, but three were welcomed over the course of the night. I love the universe’s funny little ways. Not only did girls’ night open itself up to the boys, there was also amazing synchronicity in food preparation. Caroline had only requested that each guest bring one edible item to share. I, of course, had to bring 3 dishes–two salads and one spinach dip bread bowl. I am already notorious for my feeding ways (I blame it on my maternal instinct that needs an outlet :P ) and with the excuse of Dave joining me, I couldn’t resist bringing more. Two guests obviously means at least two dishes! Two leads to three very quickly when you’re dealing with me.

For once, my overproduction of food didn’t result in a ridiculous amount of leftovers as some of the partygoers didn’t get a chance to prepare anything for the evening. We didn’t bring too much; we fulfilled a need.

On top of that, aside from Tostitos and the luscious molten chocolate cake, the only other dish served was an orzo salad that matched our chickpea and brown rice and lentil salads beautifully. No one planned a salad theme. It just happened. I know, my life is just so exciting. The cosmic coincidences! Unbelievable. :P

In all seriousness, my life is probably as boring as you’ve surmised. That’s okay. The usual banality allows me to be extra joyful about simple things like gathering with dear friends over scrumptious salads.

At this time of stress and madness, it’s wonderful to just stop and appreciate the simple things in life. For example, I cleaned my desk area today with the help of my man and it looks and feels marvelous.

What else? I did some freakin’ work today at said desk! Sitting next to the Guy-With-Unbreakable-Concentration really motivates a distracted girl like me. OMG! I got to sit next to my guy today! That’s the 9th day in a row. Awesome.

The week of bliss is winding down and the work is piling up, but I’m going to stubbornly smile through the transition. Let’s see how long I can go with the flow.

Here’s some visual evidence of me appreciating the simple things. On Thursday evening before grabbing some tasty dosas/thosais/dosais at an awesome little Southern Indian dive on the Scarborough/Markham border, Chennai Chef, Dave and I took a walk in my neighbourhood. I don’t need a better reason to call this place home. Behold nature’s beauty on an early spring day:


Evening Glow

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