Reliving the final moments of 4th year, Dave and I are sitting side-by-side in my kitchen with open laptops and stern faces. I’m trying to get work done. Dave is actually working. Such is our life.

It annoys me that I rarely find my focus when it comes to school. I get excited about some of the things I study at school, but usually I find the requisite work painfully tedious. I don’t know what is. I’m a reasonably intelligent woman with many passions. I also know how to really work my buns off. Why am I not motivated to apply myself in the law school context?

No use reflecting on this too much right now. I should stop reflecting and just do the bloody work. At least I’m not whining too much. This is huge for me.

Still, I’ll let the thoughts linger in the background as I’ve been asked to share my perspective on this part of my academic career by a dear friend and law school colleague who is in writing/editing a book on–you guessed it–law school. My writing in a book. Exciting, no? It’s all very vague right now but at least that saves me from any additional pressure. I’ve got enough pressing down on me as it is.

I’m feeling a bit strange today. I know you already find me strange on any other day; but today is particularly weird. At least the headache I had is fading. Maybe it’s the rain outside. Maybe it’s PMS. I don’t know.

Tonight is girls’ night at Caroline’s house. It’s a bit of a mixed bag since all of us are stressed out for one reason or another. Most of us are fretting about school, one of us is dealing with juggling school, work and a new baby. On top of that, this nostalgic slumber party has been kind of ruined by me and my big fat long distance relationship. Tonight was supposed to be a throwback to our hazy high school days complete with lots of good food, movies and girl talk. The boyfriend is in town, so I’m packing him along with the spinach dip, crudités and salads.

As far as I can tell, no one really seems to mind. Even the hostess with the mostest who had concocted the affair was okay with bending the rules. (And it’s not just because of my BFF status. She’s actually way more chill than I am in all ways. We’ve got that yin yang thing going on.) It’s just that there was a bit of an e-mail ruckus during the early planning stages and we’re all wary of any potential lingering bad karma. Well, maybe I’m the only one who is worried.

I suppose that is what will make it really a classic girls’ night (plus guy): the drama I imagined evaporating immediately as the love fills the room. We’ve been friends for ~12 years. Over the years, we’ve formed a bond that makes the ladies of SATC look distant. Anything and everything goes with us—especially the good stuff.

So screw the work that needs to get done. It can wait till tomorrow. It’s party time. :)

2 Responses:

  1. andrea Says:

    i know… i’m trying to write a paper now and cannot motivate myself… ugh… those photos of you in aunt mode are ridiculously cute. why is studying impossible? i am all over the place right now. anyway, enjoy your girly (plus boy) night!

  2. momolo Says:

    Let’s hope the bf does not crush the salad!

    I know the feeling about school. I liked my undergrad and would like to go back, but I’m so damn lazy about everything! I prefer to imagine myself academically awesome opposed to working for it.