Ready for take-off

There is way too much going on and it’s going on around me. I’m not making anything go. It’s frustrating.

Thankfully, David and I are continuing bliss week together here in Toronto. We had a grand time in Montreal (mostly Repentigny to be exact) laughing and loving the new addition to the family. Since Dave’s family is all super liberal (small ‘l’ , definitely not Liberal Party of Canada) Quebecois, I’m already considered a real part of the clan even without the ring and certificate so the little dude is mon neveu. Crazy, but cool.

Another perk of joining the Frenchies is the food. I abandoned any hope of being “good” on our special dinner night and just ate my way through culinary heaven. C’mon people, I am sure that even the most disciplined of you skinny readers have problems resisting the cheese course. A whole course (after 3 others) dedicated to fine wine, cheese and bread. OMG, yes, I’ll have some more. Some of my favourite dairy wonders made appearances and subsequently danced on my tongue: creamy St-Marcellin, prefectly aged queso manchego and some lovely Gruyere. I was hoping for some Stilton, but the chosen blue was still satisfying.

Enough of the food talk. Sorry to my fellow foodies. I didn’t take pictures of the devilishly delicious meals we shared and instead hogged the baby. Here are some choice pics:
The Arnonaute ready for take-off.

It Ain't Easy Being Arno
It Ain’t Easy Being Arno. Apparently the first 10 days of life can be tough.

Tati Adrienne et Arno.

“Tonton Boston” et Arno.

Maman et fils
Maman Lydia and her wee one sharing a quiet moment.

Dave and Binoche (affectionately called “Bibi”) cleaning and playing in the newly renovated living room.

Fun, fun, fun. So much fun I forgot to do my work. Nah, I didn’t actually forget. I actually squeezed in a bit of reading and research, but I’m still way behind. Typical.

Still, a weekend away does a body good. I’m starting to feel the the stress creep up on me but I know that all I can do is just work. There’s no time for procrastination! Work, woman, work!

Of course, here I am showing off mon neveu to the Internet and not working. I guess I got to get my priorities straight. This is my free therapy, though. You can’t take my blogging away from me! Noooooo! 😛

It has taken for-freakin’-ever for me to catch-up on all my online reading. The blogosphere does not stop for the arrival of a new baby and a weekend away. Perez, of course, was the most frequent poster. Seriously, who still reads paper gossip rags/mags? I prefer to spend my magazine budget on fashion glossies instead. Now those are worth the time and money. 😉

3 Responses:

  1. reesie Says:

    you and a baby! woah……… that bundled up baby is just too freakin’ funny.

    so….. what are some nice restaurants you like in montreal? my favourite french place of all time (for now) is le caveau just because it’s so small and cute, the food is good, and the waitstaff isn’t snotty.

  2. hayden Says:

    I’m doing my jealous of your time in Montreal dance (yes, it’s a dance). I absolutely must talk to you about things going on in 4 different lives (did someone mention an easter reunion?) and things that no one else would care about.
    Miss you lots and lots (and lots).

  3. momolo Says:

    i love those giant puffy suits that everyone dresses their babies in!