The Wrong Kind of Cosmo Girl

I got a really awful hair cut yesterday because the stylist just wouldn’t listen to me. He had a creative vision that I was supposed to trust. I kept protesting, “Um…the layers are getting too short. Can we keep them long?”

At that point, I should have just left; but I stayed. I’m weak like that. I knew that the style would be too my low maintenance self. Sometimes, I wonder where my stubborn side goes when I need it! I kept saying, “It’s too retro.”

And so, I left feeling like I had a mullet. I paid and tried to keep my chin up. Everytime I caught my reflection I cringed. I stayed away from my friends who had gone out in different groups mostly because I was trying to study and de-stress and also because I didn’t want anyone to see my awful hair.

I called people in a different timezone wanting to say, “Help! I have a Japanese JJ-mag ‘do that does not work on me. It looks more mullety than anything else!”

Now I realise that it looks more Florence Henderson.

I know. :(

The night wasn’t all bad because I ended up meeting a cool couple who had opened up an amazing shoe kiosk in Far East Square in Singapore’s financial district, Shenton Way. I had never been to Far East Square and was thrilled to run into it while wandering after getting the ‘do from hell. I chatted and laughed with my instant friends as I bought two pairs of sexy shoes. Let’s just say that one is very Marc Jacobs. God, I love how affordable shoes are in S’pore. This kind of therapy is way better than chocolate.

I was already smiling with shoe boxes in hand; but then I saw a group of middle aged line dancers working their country groove thang by the Far East Square Fire Gate. I had already seen groups like this in HDB Towns like Toa Payoh; but this group seemed especially into it. Their DJ was pretty cool too. I almost wanted to join in. Of course, I didn’t know the steps nor did I have the appropriate footwear. I may be Canadian; but I’m from the centre so I don’t own cowboy boots. I do have some gorgeous new pumps, though. And some slick heeled loafers. (Trust me, loafers with thin heels can be hot.)

Seeing those adorable folks made me wonder what Dave and I will be doing decades from now as empty nesters on a Friday night. His parents like to go out and catch “world music” shows. Mine go shopping, walk around the neighbourhood and watch t.v. I’m thinking Dave and I will probably do what we do now: dinner and a movie. Rinse, repeat and recycle. ;)

It was fun to go exploring as I hadn’t really wandered in that particular part of the city much. It made me think of the day Robert took me all around the city centre. I’ve been near Shenton Way, mostly by Boat Quay and the like; but hadn’t actually been in the hidden core. I was really happy to be taking in the Singapore I love so much–a lively bit on a Friday night; but sad that I have so little time to keep discovering hidden gems. That’s the way the cookie always crumbles.

I then bumped into the famously beautiful hawker centre, Lau Pa Sat and grabbed a fresh fruit juice (banana-kiwi) and snapped some pictures.

Robert kept texting me to go meet him and Tobias who had left our original meeting spot for Borders long ago; but as much as I really wanted to spend some time with my favourite German boys, I was ready to go home. Besides, how could I let them see my hair?! My vixen image would be tarnished! Ha! :P

I ended up bumping into some other friends I had avoided earlier that night. I could have continued avoiding them as they were in another subway car. Afterall, it’s easier for me, the Chinese girl to blend in. Those two tall blonds sure stand out on a crowded train! I waltzed over, fugly hair and all because I was happy to see them. They actually seemed genuine when they said, “Hey! It doesn’t look bad. It looks cool! Very 60s!”

I accepted my hair’s potential coolness until this morning. Thinned out hair makes for bad bedhead. Why do stylists insist on fighting my hair’s natural body? Sigh. Mothereffin’ stylist kept saying, “You need to get your hair rebonded (Japanese permanent straightening) so that people can see the style.”

Well, shit. You want me to chemically straighten my hair so that it will look how it is supposed to look? How about styling it in a way that works with my wavy, rebellious hair as it is? Daaaaaaamn.

So don’t expect pictures of my Brady ‘do anytime soon.

Off to study my buns off (if only studying truly burnt so many calories >_< ) before heading to the Straits Kitchen at the Hyatt Hotel for a night of decadence and farewells. I wonder how I’d look in a turban…

3 Responses:

  1. Reese Says:

    U know, this happened to a friend of mine too, the mullet-ish feeling. but… i thought her hair looked AWESOME and it had all the layers and stuff it should have. i bet it might be the same for you? u are used to not having so many layers, but i bet it really looks good! or…. u could get ANOTHER cut (at a different salon) and get a really really short bob to get rid of most of the layers…. or get a really really cool hat.

  2. Adrienne Says:

    Thanks, Reesie. I will post pictures soon. I feel better about it after debuting it last night with lots of friends around. Still, it requires styling and that’s not really my thing. At least not while travelling and whatnot. C’est la vie. I’ve got bigger things to worry about now like my exams! Eeep! Will post a picture for you soon! Then you can give your true verdict!

  3. Coop Says:

    look at what I read in the Globe and Mail this morning: “A Japanese hair salon has been ordered to pay $2,400 in compensation to a customer for cutting her hair too short and dyeing it the wrong colour. Tokyo judge Yuki Mizuno said: “A hairstyle is a selling point for a cabaret club hostess and there was a period when her self-confidence was affected when she waited on customers.”" Maybe you can do it too!