No Shingles This Time ‘Round

I am struggling to figure out what to write for this essay. I have to finish it by Tuesday night if I want some breathing room in Taipei, so I’ve got to focus my thoughts a bit better. Sigh. It’ll work out. It always does. At least that is what I am telling myself these days.

I’m getting anxious to see Julia. It will be good to finally be around someone who loves me unconditionally and understands (and appreciates) all of my idiosyncracies. Jules has been texting me like mad. She’s adapted to Asian mobile mania quite well. I can tell that she’s excited about our week together for many of the same reasons.

Because my uncle is ridiculously considerate and caring, he’s extending his business trip in Taipei by one day to meet me on Wednesday night. This is the same uncle who brought me to Taipei for the first (and only) time 5 years ago. He literally bought me a plane ticket to Taipei from HK, hooked me up with some local contacts, housed me in his Grand Hyatt suite and sent me on a city tour while he worked non-stop. He’s that fantastic. You’ll hear more about the many ways in which my father’s amazing younger brother pampers me during the Hong Kong leg of this adventure. Actually, there will be stories of the good kind of spoilage care of this uncle in Taipei later this week and in Singapore in just a few weeks time. The man’s work takes him everywhere. Just a few days ago he called to say, “I just got back to HK from Manila and I have to fly out again tomorrow!”

Aside from the fact that I miss Dave like crazy, my moodiness (as articulated in the last post) probably stems from my horrible sleep schedule. Though it’s been the consistent bedtime of choice for the past few weeks, 4 a.m. is not my friend. When I’m tired, I’m crabby. I’m a big baby.

Thankfully, someone is watching out for this big kid: My best gal pal from home sent me some props. My parents called and we laughed together over the phone. My critical architect father raved about some of my photos and offered up words of wisdom and encouragement. Planning for Hanoi and Halong Bay is going well thanks to my gracious hostess-to-be in Vietnam, Alisha. And well, I am going to Taiwan on Wednesday to join some of my favourite people.

What else? I had a ridiculously decadent weekend in the lion city. It was lush, I tell you. Frequent visitors will have noticed that I’ve managed to defy my own character and upload heaps of new Singapore photos documenting my latest exploits onto flickr. As usual, you may follow the link in the sidebar or click here for the October slideshow.

For the fetishist in you:

In place of stress eating

Toes and Shoes
Maybe not better than chocolate but...

Gadget and Nail Bling
Gadget Pageantry

Lamb Shank

Click for more pics that might actually interest…

Converted Church for yuppy events
Chijmes by moonlight

Chijmes by day

Korean night
Goofy Girls Gettin' Nostalgic

Amateur Latin Dancers


Through the Looking Glass
Through the Looking Glass

Urban Phalli


Asian Pop Flip Flops
Asian Pop Flip Flops

Night Sky
Singapore Skyline

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  1. andrea Says:

    you’re staying with alisha in vietnam?? crazy. tell her i say hi! and give julia my love… i miss that girl. you two are going to have a fab time - take tons of photos! speaking of photos, you are so rocking the weekend ones - you look hot, girl, HOT!