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After all this is my place on the web. Even though it is mine, I do try to apply some common sense and not ruin things like book plots for readers. I knew this already, but I guess I had to be reminded in the cruelest of ways: there are some bloggers out there without that common sense chip built in. Too bad those kinds of people can’t be sent back to the factory for some repairs.

Even though I prefer it, I’m not always looking for intelligent writing when I’m taking a break from my work. If that were the case, I wouldn’t have run into the post that ruined my fucking day, but of all bloggers, I do ask for a little human decency. Can you believe that this is the 2nd time a Xangan (in my extended social network, no less) has spoiled a Harry Potter book for me and other readers. Different Xangan, different book, same problem. From now on, I’ll only stick to my carefully filtered subscriptions even if it means no more new additions/addictions.

This whole incident is also probably a sign from above that I should stop taking so many “breaks” when I’ve got a long and difficult take-home examination to complete by Monday morning, followed by a criminal theory essay due on Tuesday!

It’s ridiculously hot in my room and I’m debating making a move to the colder-than-your- average-meat-locker-library.

Here’s the meme. It’s ancient, so it’s not worth telling you its source.


Name: Adrienne, Adi, Hazel, a Cantonese name that is hard to romanize and harder for non-Cantonese speakers to pronounce, French petnames by Dave
Gender: Female
Location: Singapore, by way of Toronto
Height: slightly over 5′5″
Hair color: black with shades of grey
Hair length: long
Eye color: dark brown


Are you still in school: Yes.
Favourite subject: Right now? Thereotical Foundations of Criminal Law
Least favourite subject: In high school it was advanced mathematics like calculus. And how can we forget my old enemy, chemistry.
Do/did you buy lunch or bring it: Here, I generally buy it. Hurray for cheap student canteens. NUS students, the Terrace is gold. At home, I bring a lunch that is generally made by my dad. Don’t laugh, people. The situation is more complicated than you think it is.


Number: 28 because I am Chinese and have been absorbing superstitions since my time in my mama’s womb and because that’s the day Dave and I met.
Clothing : birthday suit.
TV show: Presently, Gilmore Girls.
Movie: Hackers, Empire Records, Trainspotting, My Neighbour Totoro, Chungking Express, L’Auberge espagnole, Sex and Lucia, Le Fabuleux Destin D’Amelie Poulain, anything Almodovar but especially Todo Sobre Mi Madre and Hable Con Ella. There are many more, but I could honestly go on forever so let’s just leave it at that.
Scent: Dave (it’s true so shut it), crisp autumn air, D&G light blue, good food cooking, the sea
Ice Cream Flavour: Pistachio, preferably in gelato form. I also like other nutty gelati.
Season: autumn
Color: purple

Holiday: Christmas
Thing in your room: my bed
Author: Jane Austen
TV channel: the CBC!
Time: dusk
Cartoon character: Totoro


Hot or cold: cold
Winter or summer: winter
Spring or fall: fall
Shakira or Britney: Shakira
MTV or VH1: Um, Much Music?
Rollerblading or skateboarding: blading
Powerpuff Girls or Charlie’s Angels: Angels, baby, Angels.


Are you a vegetarian: Nope.
Do you like cows: Yes.
Are you a bitch: Often. Currently? Yes.
Are you artistic: Yessir.
Do you write poetry: Sometimes, but I prefer prose.
Can you ski: Not much since it destroys my horrible knees.
Are you British: No.
Are you evil: Sometimes.


Have you ever been in love: Yes. In fact, I am right now.
Do you smoke: Never have, never will.
Do you smoke weed: See above.
Crack, heroin, anything else: See above.
Beer good or beer bad: I don’t really like beer that much. Of all beers, I definitely like good beer better than bad. I am not afraid to say that most Labatt and Molson beers are piss. As are most of their American cousins. If you must know, I’ll willingly take one baby sip of Dave’s beer if he’s drinking Saporro so let’s call that my favourite.
Are you the sissy who drinks wine coolers: No. I only did that when I was underage and wearing too much eyeliner.


Thing you ate: wholegrain toast topped with kaya
Thing you drank: hot Lipton Yellow Label tea with a splash of milk
Place you went: does the toilet count?
Thing you got pierced/tattooed: extra holes in ears
Song you heard: Elbow - Red
Person you instant messaged: Alison
Person you laughed with: Vivian, down the hall

» NOW «

What are you eating: nothing
What are you drinking: water
Any shoes on: nope
Hair: in a messy ponytail
Listening to: the cars driving on the road below, the obnoxious people in my cluster kitchen and the beginnings of Interpol - Next Exit
Talking to anyone: myself and God, if He’s listening.

» LAST «

Last Cigarette: Sometime in a past life if ever.
Last Alcoholic Drink: Um, it might have been the Pokka jasmine green tea and whiskey back in August. I might have had some red wine with dinner later on, but I cannot remember because I rarely drink.
Last Car Ride: Yesterday’s taxi ride back from Holland Village.
Last Good Cry: “Good?” I don’t know. Maybe last week? I am easily moved to tears, so I cry often. I cried throughout the entire end of When I Turned 9, a cute Korean film Ji Young and I went to see a little while ago. In fact, I cried just a few days ago when I first heard the lovely newborn baby Isabelle over the phone.
Last Library Book: A few weeks ago, I took out a book on French Constitutional Law. Exciting!
Last book bought: The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith when I met him at Kinokuniya.
Last Book Read: In full? Obviously not the latest Harry Potter. Grumble. If I actually finished it before leaving Toronto for Singapore, it wasTempting Faith DiNapoli by Lisa Gabriele. If not, then it’s probably Mansfield Park by Jane Austen. Honestly, I don’t read nearly as much fiction as I’d like because of poopy school reading.
Last Movie Seen in Theatres: When I Turned 9
Last Movie Rented: Millennium Mambo, but we didn’t get a chance to watch it.
Last Cuss Word Uttered: Fuck.
Last Beverage Drank: I told you that I’m drinking water. What more do you want?
Last Phone Call: Real phone? Dave. And if you count Internet voice chatting, then Dave (again) on GoogleTalk and right before that, Julia on Skype.
Last TV Show: Part of this crappy Singaporean soap called “Shooting Stars”
LastTime Showered: Last night at 3 a.m.
Last Shoes Worn: Green flip-flops I bought in KL
Last CD Played: CD?! WTF? When was this thing written? Uh…if it must be a CD, then it is Jack Johnson’s In Between Dreams.
Last Item Bought: Groceries.
Last Download: An Adobe update.
Last Annoyance: Beeyotch who ruined my day, my full bladder that always seems full, my stupid take-home exam, the freakiest girl on my cluster who wanted to be elected cluster leader but didn’t smile back and freaky girl’s friends who are rude and perpetuate negative Mainlander stereotpyes.
Last Thing Written: “take-home exam” WTF? Um, the essay I handed in on Tuesday? Is that what the survey drafter was looking for?
Last Key Used: Does my transponder count if it gets me into my room?
Last Sleep: Last night.
Last Ice Cream Eaten: Yesterday I had some Macadamia nut ice cream with my brownie in celebration of Alison and Matt’s birthdays.
Last Chair Sat In: For fuck’s sake, I am sitting in my uncomfortable plastic monstrosity right now!
Last Webpage Visited: flickr.

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