Old Habits Die Hard

Crapola. It is past my bedtime and I’ve got a major qi imbalance (yeet hay for the Cantonese speakers). Class begins in 8.5 hours. Lovely. Just frickin’ grand.

But here I am! Blogging!

I guess I got pumped when I read about Mrs. Kennedy’s latest idea, NaBloPoMo, National Blog Posting Month. I have yet to add my comment to the original post as I am not sure I can commit to daily posting.

Speaking of not being able to commit, I’ve been trying really hard to kick my ass in gear for a few weeks and while the it’s been fanfreakingtastic on the exercise front I’m not cutting back on the calories enough. Argh. Honestly, I like the happy rhythm of “normal” food consumption—not too little, not too much. I hate that it takes noticeable deprivation (at least for me) to really drop lard.

I know, same old complaints. Blahdeeblahdeeblah! I swear, I need to take after Tim and start a separate health/fitness blog. Of course, it would be far less interesting than Unleashing Fong as I’d probably get lazy and just use it as a space to store my food and exercise logs.

But seriously, I need to really start being militant about logging everything. I like being able to track my mood and progress in a concrete way. It’s really not about dropping pounds or looking different. I’m really into treating my body like a temple. I spent my childhood and adolescence hating (and being told to hate) my body. Eff that noise. I’m way beyond that crap. Obnoxious Chinese aunties be damned, this heavy bod of mine may have issues but they don’t need to be about image.

Since I don’t have that other blog set up yet, here I am patting myself on the back for enjoying this morning’s hour of pure hard cardio. I was sore from yesterday’s strength/cardio combo so I laid off the strength training today. I should’ve stretched a little bit longer and more deeply, but I did hit all major muscle groups.

Now on to other equally mundane subjects. I don’t need to tell you that I am already 1000s of pages behind in reading (and understanding) of class materials. Earlier on in the term, I was behind because I was spending a bit too much time chillin’ (read: flickring, online thumb twiddling, telly watching), now I think I can claim that I am behind because of too many darned commitments.

Don’t get me wrong, I love extending myself for good reasons. The physical extension via my regular yoga classes rocks. The social conscience extension through community outreach programs also rocks.

My world, it is a’rockin’. I just need to get a’rollin’. *rolls eyes* 😛 All this rockin’ has got my head hurting though. Meeting after meeting after meeting. Aiya. Anyone want to guess how I spent my Saturday? Actually, it was just one meeting on Saturday–one looooong training sessions and workshop.

I have to limit my world-saving activities this term in order to save my sanity, I think. And so, I am not submitting an application for the world’s greatest research assistantship. It feels good to be able to just turn down something that looks so right on paper because I know it’s wrong in reality.

Okay, I need to sleep. I can barely function on 8 hours of sleep and tonight I expect to get 6. Thank God my ridiculous grad photo appointment (sorry, “sitting”) is not until Tuesday. Perhaps I can undo the damage tomorrow night with proper beauty rest.

This week is not starting well; but at least I know it will end well! Three words: Boston on Friday. Can I get a woot woot?

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  1. reese Says:

    I’m glad that you’re not exercising to lose weight, but to treat yourself right. That’s a good reason to keep going. Besides, I don’t think you need to lose any weight at all. I think every family has got those Chinese aunties who feel the need to compare how thin/fat everyone is. I mean, what’s their problem.

    Are you going to head of the charles this weekend? Sadly, I’ll be out of town…

  2. erika Says:

    What time on Friday? If the weather’s nice, I might head in for lunch in the park. 🙂

  3. red_wings Says:

    blog blog blog!

    i need more of your lovely prose to distract me from work!

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