Awful Offal?

Two posts in a day! So close together! ‘Twas fun telling my consumption tales. Much more fun than complaining about the fact that Dave’s luggage has likely been lost for good thanks to bumbling airline employees dotted all around the world! :( Ten days worth of his favourite clothes etc. and a borrowed Jack Wolfskin convertible pack/suitcase gone. Poor boy’s been wearing random purchases he’s been forced to make to survive his stay hygienically. I would have lost my mind in his situation: constant work in uncomfortable conditions; a massive, unrealistic deadline that cannot be changed; very little sleep; none of the clothes, shoes, toilteries etc. initially packed for the trip; rude airline employees without answers; and little hope for adequate compensation. Bah.

Dave does report that the food is still good though. So here’s a different tale of consumption!

Let me be clear that Dave and I both deeply, deeply abhor colonization and its many horrific effects; but we have to admit that we do appreciate the culinary results. Oh my, Vietnamese bánh mì. Merguez sandwiches with harissa mayo on fresh baguette. Exquisite couscous in Paris? Mais, oui! There are too many more examples to list here. Also, I feel too guilty for admitting this! Ack! This is an entry for another time.

Unfortunately, it is not all yummy like Franco-Algerian fusion fare. Dave and his colleagues eat in the hotel every morning for convenience (and appropriate billing); while the food is certainly tastier than American continental breakfast at similar hotels in the States, it is not up to the Parisian standards outside of the hotel. Also, despite his familiarity with French cuisine, Dave had never run into an andouillette sausage before. An adventurous enough eater to thrive in a relationship with me, Dave is rarely phased by the food placed before him. One thing Dave does not like to eat, however, is offal. You know, miscellaneous meat innards. I’m the tripe fan in this pair. Tongue, heart, intestine? I say, “Yes, please!”, while Dave says, “Hells, no.” :P

Anyway, for some unknown reason, Dave went for the andouillette tonight and didn’t love it. He would have preferred it to be less chunky like other sausage varieties. He is still not a fan of innards. Whatever. More tripe for me! ;) There will be no fighting at dim sum. Ha!

3 Responses:

  1. tim Says:

    Sounds like Paris is a good time. I’m not sure I’m down with the offal. Tripe is fine but the tongue …don’t know about that.

    I’ve never had luggage lost by the airline yet. I always get insurance though, and I guess there’s a reason for it. Did Dave buy his tix via Amex? B/c they have insurance I think.

  2. melissa Says:

    yum, bahn mi! unfortunately, it’s been a long time since i’ve had one.

    poor guy, losing luggage is the worst.

  3. tim Says:


    yoga is cool. you’re doing way more than a lot of people just doing yoga…and actually my experience was that yoga is extremely challenging…as hard as you want to make it.

    you might get a kick out of a post at my new martial arts blog….it’s about how to use breathing in downward dog to increase stretching and get a better work out.