It is time

…to kick some serious law booty.

I am way too tired to be witty. I can’t even insert some appropriate Jedi humour or something. I guess I’m a different kind of nerd.

I have one thing on my mind: getting through my 3 100% final exams that start tomorrow. I suppose I have 3 things on the mind then. Make that a 1000 things! So please think of me on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday mornings! I’ve already got a whole army of friends and family sending me good vibes, but we can definitely use some new recruits.

Everything you’ve heard about law school is true. And yet it is not. Some is true and some isn’t. We can argue either side to the death. Argue, argue, argue.

I can almost taste the end. Freedom is within reach.


8 Responses:

  1. mintchoco Says:

    Wed, Thurs, Fri??? What were you thinking, that’s brutual!!!


  2. Davetron Says:

    GANBATTE NE!!!!!

  3. Jules Says:

    JIA YOU!!!!! 🙂 You can do it!!

  4. red wings Says:

    and i thought my week was going to be bad…

    good luck! you’re going to rock!

    i’ll draw some lucky stars in the sky for you!

  5. reesie Says:

    gambatte! you’ll kick ass.

  6. Jules Says:

    I’ll write it in 漢字, too, for extra luck: 加油!!!! 🙂

  7. gino Says:

    Motto motto ganbaru yo! *Doong chaang! Doong chaang!*

  8. gnome G Says:

    I hope you had great luck and that your brain performed to the hilt for you! Hoping that the days are feeling lighter and brighter with these exams behind you!

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