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I have so much to write about but I really can’t afford the time. I’ve been finding solace in other activities like belting random show tunes out at the top of my lungs. Man, I’m so out of practice! I now have to remind myself to really sing from my diaphragm and not just force air through my little lungs. Blah. I think that a return to singing is in order this summer. Even if I don’t have to practice for a performance, I shouldn’t let my voice get so weak. Yet another thing to add to the summer list! A return to piano might be in order too.

I actually have a small text file saved on my computer with random tidbits I wanted to share with you, but since I’m only taking a teensy weensy break from studying with printed materials, I’ll save those for another day. I’m on my brother’s machine instead. Since it’s slower and all, I’m not as inclined to stay on and play. 😉

See? Even though I’m behind in my study attack plan, I’ve been very focused. I’ve been so busy cramming that I have not actually been online in days! Well, that’s not entirely true. I’ve checked my e-mail a few times. I also got a shock when I saw how many unread feeds I had in my RSS reader. Ack! There will be no catching up in that department any time soon! Sorry to those I’ve been neglecting!

It’s nice to think that there are people wondering if I’m alive. I am alive. Not sure if I’m well, but I am alive.

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  1. Reese Says:

    Taking a break from the computer definitely helps with the studying! Ha… but you should still take a break every so often so you don’t go crazy.

  2. gnome G Says:

    It does help to cloister yourself away from the wonderful distractions of your own computer…and singing showtunes at the top of one’s lungs…highly recommended! Ooooooohklahoma, where the winds come sweeping down the plain…..

  3. gino Says:

    Seriously, kill your computer. I once had a friend who now teaches in the Cal State system tell me that at some point we have to abandon this technology. But I think what he meant was, abandon certain “bad” uses of the technology and foster ones that are more communitarian.

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