Can’t fight the seether

Is it so hard to understand the concept of keeping quiet in the library? You’re here “studying” at a university library, a law school library no less, so I imagine someone introduced you to the concept of keeping it down in this hallowed place of silence. So that means you are being insolent. I have little respect for the insolent. You know that I can still hear you when you whisper. Hushed or not, your voices still annoy those around you. You coo and giggle before your laptops in a WiFi-heaven. What? You chose today to start combatting your online chatting addiction and instead vow to break all rules of scholarly and human decency? Well, stop it. Resistance is futile. Waste your time on MSN. Just don’t waste mine.

And you. Yes, you! What part of “Carrel reserved for LAW STUDENTS ONLY” do you not understand? I see your microeconomics textbook and your forbidden snacks strewn around, attracting pests like yourself.

It’s going to be a long, painful journey towards the end of the academic year. Someone put me out of my misery before I take things into my own hands.

2 Responses:

  1. reesie Says:

    wow, you are a library nazi!! methinks you need some earplugs and maybe a sensory deprivation chamber.

  2. red_wings Says:

    oh man. remind me to never study with you in the library. i am defenite one of those foul mouthed loud mofos in the back, lol.

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