Learning to Let Go

I lost my beloved purple Nalgene yesterday. She was the newest of my collection; but she was my definite favourite. And the only one here with me! The only one I trusted to make the journey across the world. She even carried Canadian water that I sipped during the long plane ride.

Oh my poor baby girl! She’s probably sitting in a bin in Holland Village, cast aside by a retail worker who did feel her valuable enough to save in the “Lost and Found” pile. And *sniffle* she was sporting her new colourful star-shaped carabiner that matched her perfectly too.

Oh dear Vibrant Violet N-Gen how I loved you. You were the best vessel for the essence of life. Through thick and thin– even across continents, you kept me hydrated. I am sorry for being so careless and leaving you behind in that scary expat-filled place. I’ll never forget you. I’m not ready to replace you.

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