Holy Japanophile, Batman.

Nigiri sushi dinner set that included so many delicious and delicate extras like a few perfect slabs of maguro sashimi.
One single shiso leaf.
Freeflow green tea.
A few bites of macha tiramisu at TCC.
Cheap and chic (non-Moschino) purchases from Orchard St. outdoor kiosks that could only be described as “cho kawaii!”
The new Namie Amuro album* and a fantastic J-Pop compilation from HMV.
Morinaga dark chocolate.

Believe me, all of this was coincidental. But hey, it’s just what the doctor ordered. I feel much better, thank you. Really. Thanks for the comments, e-mail, text messages and good vibes. So much has happened in the past few days. Let me tell you about it all tomorrow when I’m better rested. I’m approaching my last week in Singapore so I imagine that there will be lots of craziness to share with y’all.

*I am usually not a fan of this girl; but dang, this album is well-produced/mixed. I could barely believe that it was Miss Namie blasting on the store speakers. She’s never sounded this good. I don’t care if it’s not the natural power/quality of her voice that’s got me going. The composers and sound engineers have won me over. The crunk bits actually work. Japanese crunk…who woulda thunk?

2 Responses:

  1. Reese Says:

    yum yum YUM! u know, i’m not really a fan of namie either, but i have a couple of her songs that i really like. i couldn’t name them right now though.

    wow last week in singapore! where will u go after?

  2. Adrienne Says:

    Well, it’s not REALLY my last week here. Just my last full week. I am heading to Vietnam on Tuesday the 22nd and am back in S’pore for a few days. Then it’s off to Hong Kong till the 13th of December. Fun fun fun! :D