Thinking That…

1) Good headphones and my favourite Miriam Yeung songs soothe the soul.
2) I can’t wait to be in immersed in Cantonese again because it is part of my core and I do not know how to live without it despite being a bamboo star. ;)
3) A little old school Lee Hom Wang that sits in my Toronto bedroom in CD and MD format would do me good.
4) Lee Hom is a misguided fool because of his lame-o attempt to coin and empower the phrase “chinked out.” God help us.
5) Lee Hom’s English fluency should prevent him from doing such stupid things.
6) Then again, that never saved Utada Hikaru from singing that she “wants your baby.”
7) Bukit Timah is a first class hawker centre with first class food and first class assholes too!
8) I need to work on not exposing my stress in public so easily.
9) I am weak for consuming so many Nestlé products.
10) I will finishing uploading and organizing my photos soon because I love them and want to share them.
11) I will fix, or rather, get Dave to fix the kinks on this site like the baby font size and defective blogroll.
12) I am at peace with myself at this very moment.
13) This probably has a lot to do with the wonderfulness of my friends, family and boy.
14) I am going to rock all of this.
15) I have to pee.

Same bat place, different bat time…
16) I really miss certain varieties of cuisine that are impossible to find in S’pore like: gourmet sandwiches made with good, fresh pain artisanale and stuffed with fresh Eurotastic ingredients; killer Quebecois diner sandwiches (including Montreal smoked meat!) and fresh fries; dill pickles; West Indian rotis and jerk chicken; various kinds of Latin American food; and Middle Eastern delights like falafel, shawarma, shish taouk, kibbe, fattouche salads, tabouleh, hummus and dolmas.
17) People must be able to tell that I really, really miss Middle Eastern food.
18) The food list is not comprehensive, but I should shut up because a) it is 2:18 a.m. and I am working on an essay and b) the rest of the food in Singapore is pretty damn good and cheap (though I tend to think that food in Malaysia is generally superior. Don’t tell the Singaporeans. They’ll have me caned and then hanged!)
19) It is time to get back to work.

4 Responses:

  1. Coop Says:

    Peeing is good for the soul.

  2. singaporean food critic Says:

    There’s at least one middle eastern restaurant in Holland Village. It’s slightly more pricey than the PGP canteen but it is really good and should satisfy your craving. Where to get West Indian stuff I have no idea. You are right, though, the food in Malaysia is way better.

  3. Adrienne Says:

    Thanks for the tip Mr. Bergstrom, but I’ve been to that resto. It’s a’ight but a bit too expensive like most Holland V joints. The lamb was yummers, though. I want a cheap, messy pita full of goodness. I could use a Lebanese fast food-y wrap. If I were in Montreal, I would so hit Boustan. *drool*

    Thank you for all your food tips. I will be heading to the famous chicken rice place at some point and definitely will report back re: Korean food near PGP. I was craving dol sot bibimbap for ages. Luckily, I was able to eat some of that stone bowl perfection last week in Holland V. My Korean friend and I were mighty pleased to be lining our tummies with kochujang-covered rice. Oh God, I want some Korean food now. :P Kimcheeeeee.

  4. singaporean food critic Says:

    As you dream of trudging down Prince Arthur with the wind howling at your face, throwing open the door of Sarah’s and having your glasses fog up just as that first whiff of 99 cent pizza and shish taouk makes its way into your lungs, I dream of orange plastic chairs, 1/2 litre Tigers sweating buckets onto the rickety table covered by plates of sambal prawn, chili stingray, and black pepper crabs. Wanna switch places?

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