In Transit

Coucou, anyone out there?


Salut, les amis! Thanks for hanging in there. I know, I know. I promised you words & images almost two years ago! TWO. YEARS. They don’t lie about time flying as you get older. (You know how I loved me some mixed metaphors.)

Believe it or not I had pure intentions to come back and blab away at an earlier point only I was having some major technical problems that precluded my (not so) triumphant return! Thankfully, Monsieur came to the rescue and I can subject the Internets to my inane ramblings.

The thing is, I’d like my ramblings to be a little less inane. Surely this meandering post isn’t going to convince you of my master plan to revamp this old cyberhovel o’ mine but at least I am convinced! Unfortunately, my total technological dependence on my partner is going to hamper my plan’s progress for said partner is extremely busy with real work. That’s right, folks. This girl is going to have to learn how to wrangle her design ideas. No, wait…this girl is going to have to learn how to wrangle a CMS. So if you believe in a higher power, pray for this silly girl (who is tired of referring to herself in the third person)!

Also, if you’ve got special love for a particular publishing/content management system, holler! WordPress has been kind to me in the past but I am intrigued by ExpressionEngine’s possibilities.

And while I have no meaningful experience whatsoever with turning webby possibilities into reality, I’ve got a not-so-monkeyish coder king in my household. And lucky us: he is as patient and kind as love itself is so as much as he is likely going to hate having to help me with the redesign, we’ll all come out alive. Maybe with a new site for you to enjoy!

Methinks that I’m going to need to dedicate some of my late summer vacation time to this project. Yes, I’m still obsessed with vacation! Don’t get me wrong, I like my lawyerly work. That’s right: I am a lawyer now. It has only been one year since I was called to the bar but I’m already used to the lawyer jokes. Crack one if you must!

Surely no one wants to read about my lawyerly exploits but would prefer to learn about my international adventures. The last trip I mentioned — that fab exploration of Munich, Salzburg, Vienna and Prague– seems like a lifetime ago now. Last year, we hit Paris for one delectable week. Just last month, we spent close to three weeks in Argentina and Uruguay.

I’ve been working hard to ensure that life continues to treat me well. Now it is time to work on documenting life in a brand new way. Wish me luck, dear friends!

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