Hit it, Daniel Powter.

I had a bad day. It’s amazing how unproductive I can be when I’m really unhappy.

The skies opened up and wept with me today. Rain, rain, rain. Darkness too. I felt pathetic and well, I wrote a little story in my head (um, and I guess here, now) and the pathetic fallacy crept in. Hayden, meta enough for you? :P

Old demons don’t die easily. They’re like those pesky habits. Sayonara, obsessions, I know you’ll be visiting me later; but I’ve got to study right now.

Anyway, so here I am turning over a new page (um, post?) and looking tomorrow (and my damn notes) head on. And I’ll eat baked goods, cheese, nonya food and other goodies while I’m at. GUILT FREE.

To a weekend full of learning and laughter.

And here’s to some memories. This time last year, I was hiking in Sapa and then resting up on a junk in Halong Bay:

Warm pho, cold morning, big smiles

RefreshFair Trade?

Wait and watch



One Year Ago

If I could turn back time...

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  1. red_wings Says:

    i’m getting so hectic at work here. not fun at all. hopefully all is well over there. happy holidays!