Le Sigh.

I don’t know what it is that is keeping me from writing these days. I really miss it, but there’s something about this particular space that is blocking me. Or maybe I am just tired. Sigh.

I am tired, but I’m also tired of just plopping down in front of my computer and just taking a few minutes to write, “Hi everyone, sorry for the boring ass blog entry but I’m a tired old lady.”

As a reward for tolerating my snoozetastic entries, here are some pictures.

First up is a wonky self-portrait of a spacey me:


Next we’ve got some earrings that I made a while back but never bothered to photograph because of the aforementioned tiredness:

Lime Drops

Earth Mother

Since I am out of practice, I will just tell you a few random things that I’ve been meaning to share since pure self-indulgence is better than that whole tired crap I’ve been spouting lately:

    – Earlier this summer, a photo editor from the Wall Street Journal expressed interest in using some of my pictures of Singapore that she had spied on flickr. I got insanely excited and then didn’t push it enough. It wasn’t a sure thing anyway as she had to go to the big time editor for approval, but I suppose I could have been better at selling myself. I haven’t heard from them in while. Oh well.
    – Another person asked to use a picture from a fun karaoke night in Singapore for his book on karaoke. I gave a tentative yes but I haven’t finalized anything yet. I don’t think there is any $ involved in this exchange, but I will get credited.
    – A few months ago when I was riding the subway downtown with my luggage (before hopping on some form of transit to be reunited with my lover) I spotted some hateful graffiti on a subway ad. The ad was promoting the Toronto Transit Commission’s special constables as protectors of riders’ safety and the like. One of the models/constables in TTC uniform was black. The family with whom he and his partner were chatting in the poster were white. Someone took a sharpie and wrote “coon lover” over the little white girl. I quietly fumed in my seat for a few stops before I could not take it anymore. Not anywhere, but definitely not in my beautiful, tolerant, diverse city. Not on my turf. No. So I took out a pen and scribbled dark and hard over that evil loser’s cowardly script till it looked like I was the bad guy.
    – I use Spanish a lot at work when there is no cultural interpreter available. This is especially intriguing to recent newcomers who are like, “¡Joder, esa china pueda hablar español!” I kind of love that. 😛
    – The weekend before last I participated in three separate social events on Friday night: dinner, drinks and a pub-based birthday party. This weekend I talked my boyfriend’s ear off on the telephone, went to the mall alone to exchange/refund crap, watched previously viewed DVDs that I bought at Blockbuster (In Her Shoes and Shopgirl, if you must know) with family, baked a dozen banana/raisin/nut/bran muffins and a buttery, fluffy Hungarian plum cake and worked on transfer memos from home using Citrix. Heh. Apparently I need to get a life.

In other, more current news, my back has started to bug me again probably because all of my muscles are extremely tight. That’s completely normal for me, but I need to stop talking about working on my flexibility and actually bust some tight ass. 😉 I need to sign up for some yoga ASAP. This “home practice” thing isn’t really working for me.

I find that as much as I like working out to videos, I do much better when I stick to a rigid gym schedule. My workout routine has really fallen by the wayside this summer. The long hours at the clinic have been doing a major number on my body! I’m sure the lack of exercise is one of the biggest contributors to my constant fatigue. The caffeine addiction certainly doesn’t help.

Friday is my last day at work and labour day weekend brings me into the arms of my man. Thank all things good and mighty for that! Then it’s a happy return to school for one last hurrah. Slap me if I complain about school because I know I’ll miss it after I’m done. Sure it’s loads of work but learning is cool, fool! Plus, there are a lot fewer hours spent in class than in the office and manohman, I dig the free time. Crafting, reading, gymming and yoga, here I come! Wheeee!

Oh look! It’s bedtime! Time for the tired old lady to get ready for bed! Ha!

5 Responses:

  1. gnome G Says:

    Dude, totally go to yoga. It will do a world of wonders to get into a structured class schedule, you know? And, toss in a few good massages for good measure.

    I hear you on being a tired old lady. That’s what’s going on in your life, so be it!

    Have a fantastic Labor Day with Dave! Yay!!

  2. SpinDocMeister Says:

    Hey dudette…
    A whole slew of S’porean exchange law students arrived in TO lately. Was wondering if you know one named Tseyun?

  3. andrea Says:

    hot photo! hot earrings! hot chica 🙂

  4. red_wings Says:

    damn. i have been so out of touch with everyone else’s blogs recently. hope all is well and i love the “wonky” shot of you.

  5. gino888 Says:

    Next time we’re definitely trying this Asian Legend place at Metro Square. I also kept driving by the Casa Imperial and my parents were tripping on that. . .