Baden-Powell’s Wisdom is Not Forgotten

The fabulously talented Leslie of The Paper Princess gave me the kick in the butt I needed to thrown down a few words.

Hello! Have you forgotten me? I don’t blame you. I’ve been very absent this summer. I wish I could blame my absence on something exciting like an adventure around the world, but alas I have just been busy with the most mundane things like eating, sleeping and working.

As I’ve mentioned before, work has actually been quite inspiring. Working with some of the city’s most vulnerable has really made me value my good fortune. My work has also given me the energy I need to push through this last year of law school!

That’s right, folks. I only have one year of law school left! Soon I will be able to apply my skills to help others, really bringing my reasons for going to law school to life! Huzzah!

The biggest time eater this summer has been applying for the jobs that will allow me to: (a) articulate my social conscience; and (b) get certified. By Wednesday I should know if I have to suffer through more articling applications throughout the school year. On Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. the job offers come out. Before then? Stressful interviews! Wheee!

I’ve got 8 interviews spread over the next two days. This is a wee bit overwhelming considering I applied to less than half as many jobs as most of my colleagues going through this crazy Law Society-regulated process. Some people in my office applied to 4X as many places as I did! Insanity. I’m pretty happy with my interview schedule: I have 4 on each day, with sufficient space between each one for transportation, snacks, coffee, loo breaks etc.

I’ve actually got quite a bit more preparing to do tonight before all hell breaks loose at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow morning, but I’m allowing myself the time to ramble here. The lovely Leslie nudged me, remember? 😉 Honestly, I think it is more important for me to feel calm, cool and collected than to be crammed full of canned answers. The blogging’s not going to get me to a zen state, but it’s got to be better than nothing.

Interview preparation has also had me shopping like mad. My VISA is still hot from all that swiping! :O

Yesterday, I spent 45 minutes in the hosiery department of the Bay looking for nude tights that looked, erm, nude. You’d be surprised how unnatural “natural” tights can look on my skin. FYI, pantyhose makers, some professional ladies aren’t white!

When “natural” or “nude” would be too light, I’d reach for “tan” only to find it too dark. Somehow “sheer” would also mean shimmer to some companies. Thank goodness I had my mother with me for moral support!

I now have my first complete suit. I’m throwing together separates from all different designers, but somehow it all works. I’m even planning on going to go a bit nuts and wear a real blouse on Day 1 of interviews instead of a simple camisole. (People, this hardcore professional dress is hard for me! I’m 24, damnit!) Honestly, I want to funk it up a bit because the boring real estate agent look doesn’t do it for me, but even the most progressive legal people want to see a little business attire on interview day. I’d better reel the funk in.

Speaking of funk, I’m afraid that I’m going to swelter in my black getup and end up smelling funky! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a particularly stinky person, but I’m a very paranoid one! I’m trying to avoid putting on the daily spritz of perfume lest I give one of the interviewers a headache, but I’m worried my unscented Mitchum’s going to fail me. I’ll find that happy medium…or I’ll just pray that it’s cool tomorrow! 😀

Anyway, it’s time to actually prepare for the interviews. I think I’ve maxed out my de-stressing time, leading myself into the stress zone! Oops! Wish me luck, lovelies! I hope to be back soon with good news and more!

4 Responses:

  1. reesie Says:

    Wow, first suit ever for you? Hahaha… I hope that blouse you’re planning to wear is going to be SILK. And seriously, do not wear perfume. It could kill your chances at the interviews. I’ve got a thing about people coming in for interviews a) wearing perfume and b) not wearing a suit or at least something kind of dressy. You can probably smell yourself, but no one can smell you. I’m the same way and everyone tells me I don’t smell at all (or are they all LYING to me), but I smell myself and I reek!

    Good luck today and tomorrow, and I hope you get the one you want the most!

  2. gino Says:

    Well, g’luck! Hope it all works out! Some industrial strength anti-perspirant might help, yeah?

  3. red_wings Says:

    I’m so glad to hear some life on your blog finally! Completing law school is such an accomplishment in itself that someone should give you a job just for that. haha. but yeah, on my interviews i wore a slim black suit and crazy color combinations for that day and age. I’m all for presenting my best foot for an interview, but at the same time I’m not going to lie about who I am cause I am interviewing them as well to see if I would enjoy working there. Don’t hide yourself girl! I mean don’t go in there rocking hot pink stilettos and a bomber jacket, but flash some personal style here and there and that way at least you can be memorable in a good way. Good luck with your interviews!!!!! I wish you the bext of luck!!!!

  4. momolo Says:

    For some reason I don’t think unscented deoderants work for me. 😛

    Glad to hear you are kicking ass in life!

    Funk in professional wear comes from details like pintucks or interesting seams. But that costs $$$ so the thing that I like to do is hook it up with quirky accessories. Your beading should come in handy here!