Nature and Nurture

Rethinking the battle between the two Ns.

I know my genes. I can almost reach out and grasp that double helix. I can actually reach out and grab that slice of buttery lemon cake offered to me in a meeting. Sigh.

I don’t understand myself. I worked my ass off at the gym this morning. All those little protein fibres tingled and burned. Oh, lactic acid, I kind of love and hate you at the same time! Oh, little cells, keep on repairing those tears! You can do it! Thank you for working so hard for me!

I have to get back to journaling. If I had been journaling, I wouldn’t have eaten that entire goat roti today. It wasn’t even that good! So many West Indian joints near work and I had to choose the worst one on a whim! Argh. Next time, it’s Island Foods all the way. Or rather, halfway. I’m only eating half next time.

Anyway, it’s back to salad tomorrow for lunch. Salad for sanity.

Things are quite chaotic right now. I know I say this all the time, but I’m really damn busy. On top of that, I’m behind in my work because Legal Aid Ontario is having a much needed IT transformation that has stalled our operations. The new computers sure look pretty. Too bad they are not working yet. I’m sure it’ll all be worth it. Anything will be better than the ancient machines we were using before. Death to CRT monitors!

One thing I’ve learnt at work is that I really value my language skills and enjoy fostering them. Okay, that isn’t a new discovery or anything, but I always like some confirmation. In the short while I’ve been working at the clinic, I’ve been called on to act as an interpreter several times at work and have been happy about my performance. On the one hand, it’s tiresome to be asked to help out with this Cantonese-speaking client “just this one time” over and over again when other work has to be done, but it’s also highly rewarding. It’s also interesting to see how much Mandarin-English interpretation I can do without resorting to Cantonese or English.

I also confirmed my longstanding suspicion that my French has run laps around my Spanish. My Spanish listening comprehension is still decent, but man, the French wants to slip out so badly when I try to speak in castellano! It’s incredibly frustrating. Then again, it has been SEVEN freakin’ years since my stint in Spain. If you ever wanted to know, 7 years is a sure way to lose fluency.

Anyway, I leave you with some interesting pictures taken on my front porch. It is truly spring! 🙂 These pictures are best seen large. See the whole set so far on flickr over here. I’ll grab a few more shots pics tomorrow before I take off for the weekend.

Keepin' her eggs warm

Almost Ready


Day 2

Tired from growing so damn fast


6 Responses:

  1. momolo Says:

    Wow! At my old house, the deck walls converged at a corner. At that corner was a high ledge and some birds decided to build a nest there, so we got to see the development from egg to robin. Of course, it was then that we discovered that baby birds are simply UGLY. Still, very cool! And the eggs are gorgeous.

    Oh language. My spanish is out the window, with just a foot dangling in because of my Portuguese. But that is also inching towards the door.

  2. reesie Says:

    dude…. u are coming here? can i drop off the capelet for you somewhere? or meet quickly? i know you’re pressed for time. i’m going to see if i can make the edges nice and neat when i get home tonight. but hey….. i’m still trying to plan a trip up to toronto in june, so maybe i can just give it to you then!

    i’m jealous you can speak so many langues. my french is kindergarten level at best, and my chinese is practically non-existant.

  3. momolo Says:

    Heehee, found you on Blogger as well via “Eve and the Fire Horse!” That movie is love.

  4. red wings Says:

    love the bird pic transitions…

    i always hated my parents for making me go to a weekend private school to fuel my japanese, but in the end it really helped me so much. Even though i don’t get to use it at work like yourself. it would be nice if i did though…

  5. gino Says:

    once upon a time when i was more cruel, i shot the mother robin with a bb rifle not knowing her nest was nearby and my dad found the nest with three little skeletons inside. sad!

  6. gnome G Says:


    those photos are amazing. Amazing!!