Finding Motivation

You might not believe that I, Miss Loquacious of Bamboo Star, actually spared you some additional details of yesterday’s suffering. It may have been both long and boring, but it was certainly not complete! In fact, not long after I had finished that abbreviated account of the day’s disasters, I went to take out my contact lenses and promptly dropped one.

Usually, the mere dropping and quick retrieval of a contact lens in the bathroom is traumatic enough, but this time was much worse for I could not find my beloved giver of vision for what felt like an eternity. I carefully looked with my other eye, but was eventually forced to take the other one out and put on my glasses. I don’t know how pirates do it.

I hadn’t heard the hard little transparent wonder drop to the floor so I swept my hands on my pyjama top and sweatpants for good measure. I even took my top off and shook it gently to try to dislodge anything that might have suctioned onto its flannel fibres. Nothing!

I found safe spots on the floor and gingerly got down on all fours for a more intense search. Finaly after much squinting and grumbling, I located the tiny bugger. Hallelujah.

I think that only those who have seen me without any corrective lenses on can understand how tragic really losing a lens would have been. My boyfriend has been known to call me a mole. And believe me that isn’t a cute little French petname. Even glasses and/or contacts don’t fully correct my strong myopia and astigmatism.

I’ve tried orthokeratology but the discomfort and crappy results weren’t worth it for me.

I am still holding out hope for one day going under the laser because degenerating into legal blindness is a real (though distant) possibility.

Anyway, I’m just relieved that yesterday is over. I didn’t even hit the snooze button this morning. I don’t know what all this karmic retribution is for, but I really hope that I’ve gotten my fair share already. Honestly, if I knew what I had done wrong, I would repent!

Maybe I was being punished for procrastinating. Guess that means I should get to work.

2 Responses:

  1. reesie Says:

    i don’t know if you’ve heard, but they’ve discovered a fungus that grows between the contact lens and the surface of the eye. people who have bad contact habits (don’t take them out everyday and clean them meticulously) can grow the fungus… i am oh-so-sad that i cannot wear contacts because i have a supposed allergy (aka gross fungus the doctor didn’t want to tell me about), but now hearing about the fungus makes me think that perhaps glasses aren’t so bad. maybe i’ll stop futilely trying all the new contact lenses now!

  2. reesie Says:

    oh and so i can complete your paranoia… here’s a link to a story about the fungus. it can cause blindness! yay!